Our Mission

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Our Mission

At the HearFlorida Audiology Group our doctors of Audiology look first at the diagnosis of your hearing loss. The ears are one of the more sensitive barometers of your health. Hearing loss can stem from diabetes, liver or kidney issues, thyroid or adrenal concerns, history of illness or surgeries, medications (present and/or previous), treatment of cancer, heart disease and/or high cholesterol and of course just from being lucky enough to have more birthdays. These concerns can and most often show evidence in your ears far before evidence of the disease actually appears.

Then and only after proper diagnosis of your hearing loss and appropriate medical intervention (if necessary) do we begin to discuss rehabilitation. We gather as much information as possible about your lifestyle so that we can help direct you to the most appropriate devices for your needs.

After the selection process is completed, patients work with our Doctors of Audiology and Audiology Support Staff in acclimating and adjusting to their new devices. We fit our devices very differently from the traditional manner used by others. We help our patient acclimate to new hearing by fitting their devices similar to turning the lights on with a dimmer switch. If you’ve been in the dark even for a few hours the initial shock of just a 45 watt bulb can take a few minutes to adjust to. While your hearing has been in the dark for several years it will take your ears a bit more time to adjust. Over the next few weeks we will gradually adjust your devices as your ears adjust to the reintroduction of everyday sounds.

Just as the initial step of getting devices is important, the steps necessary to make sure your devices are accommodating your loss is equally important. Minimally, once a year we will call you back to monitor your hearing and adjust the prescriptive settings on your devices to ensure you are maximizing the benefit. If within the year you notice your hearing has changed we want you back sooner to evaluate your hearing loss and make any necessary adjustments to the devices.


  • We will create a financially strong business model by providing exceptional care to our patients.
  • We will be partners in the medical community to advance the audiological and general health of our patients.
  • We will create an environment in which our staff is able to meet and exceed their personal and professional goals.

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