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Unseen Hearing Aid Sounds Good to Some
An unusual new extended-wear hearing aid can be worn continuously for up to four months and replaced when its battery dies. The device—which is buried deep in the ear canal and is invisible—is low-maintenance and allows patients to enjoy life without daily reminders of their hearing loss.

Hearing Loss More Prominent In Men, Says Miracle-Ear
When it comes to maintaining their health, men tend to wait for serious symptoms to appear before taking the necessary precautions. Indications of serious physical conditions, however, can oftentimes take a silent form. Take hearing loss: The condition affects more than 31 million people, 65 percent of whom are men, but the signs of the condition are typically overlooked.

Camp For Children With Hearing Loss And Their Families Offers Weekend Of Fun
The House Ear Institute, HEI, established Family Camp 24 years ago as a comfortable, open forum where parents raising a child with hearing loss could share their experiences and exchange information and varying philosophies with one another.

Seniors’ Communication Skills Adversely Affected By Hearing, Voice Problems
Hearing and vocal problems go hand-in-hand among the elderly more frequently than previously thought, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center. Together, they pack a devastating double punch on communication skills and overall well-being. “It’s important to realize these disabilities often occur concurrently,” says Seth Cohen, MD, an otolaryngologist at the Duke Voice Care Center.

New NHS Focus On Audiology Brings Faster Hearing Aid Treatment
A determined effort by Audiology teams across the country has led to 99% of people receiving hearing aids or other appropriate treatment within the government’s 18-week target. Figures for February 2009, just released by the Department of Health, show that the situation has been improving every month since April 2008. The improvements have come about as a result of re-instating frozen posts combined with a determined effort by Audiology teams to work in more flexible and creative ways.

Siemens Hearing Instruments Launches Education Initiative For Schools During Deaf Awareness Week
Siemens Hearing Instruments has kicked off its new education initiative during Deaf Awareness Week with a visit by its hearing ambassador Kellie Moody to a Birmingham based deaf school. The visit and the launch of an education focused website ties into this year’s Deaf Awareness theme of ‘look at me’.