Hearing Loss Problems: Get Your Hearing Tested

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Did you know that hearing loss often goes ignored by those who experience it? Research shows that roughly two third of Americans over the age of 70 experience hearing loss whether it be mild to extreme. With more men than women suffering from hearing loss, HearFlorida urges you to get your hearing tested! Unfortunately, it affects their ability to be able to communicate, yet they let it go untreated. There are a few reasons one might let their hearing loss go untreated, their pride and or their fear of those big bulky hearing aids that they...

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A Recent Study about Treatments for Tinnitus

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HearFlorida Audiology Group knows that tinnitus affects millions of people. For those who are not familiar with exactly what tinnitus is, it is a disease that affects the ears. It causes a nonstop high pitched ringing or buzzing noise, which is extremely annoying and to many people suffering with it, maddening. Unfortunately, there is no cure, though researchers have been taking huge steps into the understanding of what causes tinnitus and how we could potentially put the ringing to rest! Neuroscientists at the University of California,...

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How Hearing Loss Can Affect the Brain

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HearFlorida’s audiologists recently heard about an alarming new study. You have always been told to protect your ears to help preserve hearing, but a new study shows that by protecting your hearing you may also be doing your brain a huge favor as well. Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania recently conducted a study on the effects of hearing loss on grey matter in the brain. The results were shocking and support protecting your hearing even more than before. Hearing loss was linked to actual grey...

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New Starkey Hearing Aid: The Xino Hearing Aid

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Starkey is one of the leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers and is highly regarded in the hearing community. They are extremely well known for their high quality hearing aids and also their custom headphones. Starkey is proud to announce that they have just released a new line of hearing aids, called the X Series! The star hearing aid in the X series is called the Xino hearing aid. The Xino hearing had has so much to offer, while all concealed away in one little package.  If you were put off about hearing aids by their reputation of being bulky...

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New Study Reports: Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia

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Many things can affect a person in their older age, many times hearing loss is one of them, but did you know there may be another risk that accompanies hearing loss? Recently it has been discovered that hearing loss and dementia are possibly closely related. A study conducted Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging researchers points to hearing loss being a large determining factor in dementia patients. The HearFlorida audiologists in South Florida want to make sure you stay educated on these new findings. It is still unknown how exactly...

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The Starkey Foundation on the Style Network

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The Starkey Hearing Foundation has been tackling hearing loss around the world since 1984 thanks to founder, William F. Austin. This non-profit organization has impacted the lives of many people, helping many hear things for the first time.  The hearing mission trips Starkey goes on are fully funded by donations. As they travel from country to country, the foundation and volunteers take the time to provide Starkey hearing aids to both children and adults suffering from hearing loss. Starkey Hearing Foundation recently was aired on the August...

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How to Combat Hearing Loss

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Younger people are losing their hearing ability at an alarming rate. We currently live in a very “Noisy” world, and old age is no longer the number one cause of hearing loss. Excessive noise has now become the top cause of hearing loss. It is estimated that 30 million people suffer from hearing loss problems in America, and over half of the people with hearing loss are under the age of 65. On a recent THE TODAY SHOW episode, Matt Lauer takes a hearing test and discovers surprising results. In addition, Jim McDade, a man with hearing loss,...

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Hearing Loss Prevention: Swabbing Saliva to Test for Hearing Loss

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Medical advancements are made every day, some big and some not so big. Regardless of how big or small a medical discovery is, it’s still extremely fundamental to cures and other preventions. A recent discovery was made at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas by a pediatrician Dr. Pablo Sanchez and other doctors. They found that swabbing a newborn’s mouth would reveal whether or not they are at a higher risk for hearing loss. A national study was conducted that tested newborns’ saliva for a cytomegalovirus...

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Hearing Loss in Children

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Recent studies are showing that children’s hearing is in danger and more so than it used to be. Unfortunately, we live a world that is much louder than it has been in the past which puts unsuspecting children right in the path of harm. A study conducted by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 12 percent of children ages 6 to 19 experience hearing loss due to loud noises, 5 percent of these children will experience permanent hearing loss. No longer is noise induced hearing loss just a concern for adults. Children with...

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Occupational Hearing Loss

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Occupational hearing loss is a serious health concern for any utility worker today, but it’s not a new issue. When a person is exposed to short but frequent high noise levels can have long-term consequences. Hearing loss brought on by someone’s occupation cost unnecessary money for preventative and post exposure measures. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Occupational deafness is an irreversible, sensorineural condition that results from damage to the nerve cells of the inner ear. Recent estimates from...

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