New Hearing Care Campaign: Listen To Your Buds

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It is no secret that teenagers love to turn their music up as loud as possible. Most of the time, parents are around to tell them to turn the tunes down, but that is not always the case. Parents cannot be around all of the time to protect their children’s hearing. The biggest problem is that kids are listening to their personal audio technology like Pods or MP3 players with earbuds or headphones for long periods of time and the volume is dangerously high. To prevent kids from seriously damaging their ears, it is important to educate them on...

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The Link between Hearing Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease

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An article on Cape Mary County talks about a recent study at Brandeis University that suggests there is a link between mild-to-moderate hearing loss and deficient memory. Since nearly all behavioral tests for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) are presented orally, the excessive cognitive energy expended as a result of hearing loss may actually impair memory performance. Many handbooks and training instructions to caregivers and clinicians in assessing and treating AD and other dementias remain silent on the need to assess and treat hearing...

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The Medicare Hearing Health Care Enhancement Act of 2011

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Calling all Medicare Hearing Health Care patients! We have important news that concerns you. Representative Mike Ross and 11 other co-sponsors introduced the Medicare Hearing Health Care Enhancement Act of 2011. What does this mean for you? Well, it will make things much easier when trying to go to an audiologist. The Medicare Hearing Health Care Enhancement Act of 2011 or H.R. 2140 will allow patients to go straight to their audiologist without the need to go to the physician for a referral first. Currently, federal and congressional...

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Research Shows Saliva Tests Can Spot a Virus That Can Cause Hearing Loss In Newborns

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This is not the first time we discussed the importance of early detection of hearing loss in infants. A new study that was done by the University of Alabama at Birmingham has shown how a saliva test might be able to detect a particular virus which can lead to hearing loss in newborns. The virus called cytomegalovirus, once found can be treated to help prevent hearing loss problems in children.  This type of infection is passed from mother to child, and affects thousands of newborns each year. The study examined mouth swabs from almost 35,000...

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Minimizing Your Calorie Intake May Delay Hearing Loss

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The dreaded conversation on calories just got a little bit more interesting. Most of us have been on a diet where we restricted our calorie intake to lose weight, new research is showing that you may be able to more than just lose weight. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that restricting calorie intake may delay age-related hearing loss. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison worked with mice to successfully delay age related hearing loss when they restricted their calorie intake. The mice had their calories...

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Innovative Hearing Aid Technology Open House at HearFlorida

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HearFlorida is hosting an Innovative Hearing Aid Technology Open House at all our South Florida locations June 14th – June 16th. The special open house event at HearFlorida will showcase the Lyric hearing aid and how it is a 100% invisible hearing aid with some amazing hearing aid technology. HearFlorida will also provide Free Lyric screening. HearFlorida has been in business for 27 years. We strive to offer you the best hearing aid instruments available plus an exceptional patient experience. We know how important your hearing is. So...

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Hearing Loss Treatments: Oral Steriods vs. Injectible Steriods

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Idiopathic sudden sensor neural hearing loss causes a patient to suffer from sudden and unknown hearing loss. Normally, in these cases patients will experience hearing loss within 72 hours from the onset of symptoms. This is considered to be a medical emergency, and someone who suffers from it should see their doctor immediately.  Often, people wait to see if their hearing will return, while sometimes it can, often it does not without treatment. The faster you seek medical attention the better your chances are of reversing or stopping the...

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What is Audiology?

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Audiology is the study of hearing disorders. It also deals with research and rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments. Audiology as a profession took off during the 1920’s. The 1920’s gave birth to the audiometer, which was used to measure sensitivity to hearing. Fast forward to the 1940’s and audiology had another boom due to soldiers coming home from WWII with hearing impairments. The soldiers hearing loss had come from prolonged exposure to gunfire, explosives, and machinery noise. Some soldiers were even showing hearing loss...

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Hearing Loss Seminar May 19th in Boynton Beach, FL

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Confused by all of the hearing device advertisements and promises of perfect hearing?  Learn More at Our Educational Seminar on Hearing Loss HearFlorida is hosting another educational hearing seminar in South Florida. The seminar will be on Thursday, May 19th from 10:00 am – 11:00 am at the Ross JCC at 85000 Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33472. Learn more about hearing loss in a professional atmosphere that encourages questions and answers and provides in-depth answers and solutions.  Come listen to our honest straightforward and...

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Hearing Care Company Announces Hearing Aid Community Give Back Contest in South Florida

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HearFlorida is giving away Free Hearing Aids to four deserving hearing impaired South Florida residents May 9, 2011, Boynton Beach, Florida. In honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month, HearFlorida Audiology Group,, today announced the kick off of its Hearing Aid Giveaway Contest. HearFlorida, South Florida’s premier hearing care provider with locations throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Dade County, is giving four deserving hearing impaired individuals the opportunity to win a free pair of digital hearing aid...

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