Brand Profile: Widex Hearing Aids

Aug 18, 2009 by

While every brand of hearing aid that we carry is equally special, we will use this space to give you a breakdown of what makes each brand unique in acronym and technical term free language.

Widex Hearing Aids are very popular for a few reasons. Their sleek styling and availability in different colours make them look like a headphone accessory rather than a hearing aid. They also come with SmartSpeak technology that talks you through the adjusting of program functions in plain English. They also feature Integrated Signal Processing™, a technology exclusive to the Widex brand. This special technology does a number of things including:

-filtering speech from noise in crowds
-feedback and whistling minimization
-dual microphone system that picks up audio signals clearly and distinctly

With a Widex hearing aid, you can detect high pitched sounds that you couldn’t hear before. Widex technology transposes them into lower, audible frequencies that you can hear. With Widex, you also have the option of expanded venting, meaning less chance of blockage in your ear canal. EcoTech II technology ensures a long and efficient battery life, so you don’t need to worry about your batteries running low at a crucial time.