Computers Better at Lip Reading Than Humans: British Study

Sep 25, 2009 by

A British study has concluded that computers are better than lip reading than humans. The peer-reviewed findings from the University of East Anglia pitted an automated lip-reading system against human lip readers, and the computer significantly outperformed the humans. The computer sported an 80% comprehension rate, while the humans only attained 32%.

Using video techniques gleaned from the lessons learned from the computer simulation, four hours of training improved the comprehension of the lip readers significantly. The techniques used help to improve recognition of monosyllabic words, traditionally a very difficult task for even the best lip reader.

Some of the best news that comes as a result of the study is that simple videos, delivered online, can improve lip reading comprehension. This levels the playing field for those who are hard of hearing who either do not want to go to classes or simply do not have the access to such classes. For more information, read the article at Medical News Today on the study.

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