Cool Technology in Hearing Aids from Oticon

Aug 28, 2009 by

Oticon isn’t just a hearing aid. It also offers you wireless connectivity with your home phone, cell phone, television, and other appliances. The new Oticon ConnectLine™ technology allows you to connect to the following devices through your Oticon device: -home phone -cell phone -television -computer -music devices Best of all, Connectline’s Remote allows you to switch between these various technologies effortlessly with the click of a button. You can incorporate as many of the solutions as you want, and operation is really as simple as pushing one button. There are no complex controls to fiddle with, and Oticon and Hear Florida are available to hold your hand through the setup process. The Connectline technology works through the Oticon Streamer, a small iPod-like device that simply hangs around your neck. It allows you to change the volume of your multimedia devices remotely and with a simple ergonomically designed volume control. It may be purchased as an add-on for the Epoq or Dual Otican hearing aid products, so if you already have either you can simply upgrade rather than moving to an entirely new device, depending on the age of the product. Hear Florida is Florida’s largest Oticon distributor and is proud to be able to bring you this important technology. Contact us today to find out how to get set up with your preferred Oticon Connectline solutions.