Custom Fitted In-Ear Headphones

Apr 8, 2011 by

Custom Fitted In-Ear Headphones

Comfort is the most important part of any accessory. Customers appreciate when their comfort is a company’s top priority.  Head phone companies have been working with their customers’ needs in mind. There also is the option to create your own custom molded in-ear headphones.

Traditional in-ear headphones never fit quite right. Most of the time within a few minutes of use, the headphones become uncomfortable and irritate the inside of the ear. Not only is comfort an issue with traditional in-ear headphones, but the quality of sound is too. Outside noise has a poor effect on listening to music and is disruptive when you just want to escape into your favorite song.

Custom Fitted In-Ear HeadphonesWith custom fitted in-ear headphones, you will be comfortable and the effect of outside noise will be drastically reduced. If you have decided that a custom fitted in-ear headphone set is for you, first you will need to have an ear impression made to assure that the ear bud will fit perfectly. Once your custom mold is finished, you can send out to have your in-ear headphones made.

There are a few different companies that offer this service.  One company named Westone offers a wide selection of models from in-ear headphones for serious musicians on tour, to the everyday person who takes listening to their music seriously. Ultimate Ears, offers some options for custom in-ear headphones/monitors for serious musicians. You can get a custom fitted in-ear headphones starting at $200 at HearFlorida. So if you are a serious musician or someone who takes listening to their music seriously, you should consider looking into custom in-ear headphones. Contact HearFlorida and get more information about getting your custom molded in-ear headphones.