Do You Know Your Hearing Professional?

Mar 1, 2010 by

At least 50 percent of those reading this article have been seen by a hearing professional. Your complaints may include, “I can hear but I do not understand,” dizziness, tinnitus, or sudden loss of hearing. Your hearing professional of choice may be an audiologist, ENT, or hearing aid dispenser. How do you choose the best professional to address your hearing problems?
Many of you rely on word-of-mouth referral or select a participating provider from your insurance network. In most cases, an audiologist is the professional of choice to evaluate and treat your hearing health care problems. If you have multiple complaints such as tinnitus, dizziness, ear pain, ear drainage and/or hearing loss, you should consult with an ENT or audiologist. Almost all ENT’s work closely with audiologists to diagnose and treat your problem. Both ENT’s and audiologists have the education and credentials that allow them to bill for diagnostic testing. However, a hearing aid dispenser cannot. This is why dispensers offer free hearing tests. As you know, nothing in life is free. You always get what you pay for. Think for a moment and recall all the items and services of quality that you have ever received for free. Your hearing is a precious gift so choose the right professional. Make sure that you choose the right hearing professional that is willing to spend time with you to help you make the correct decision for your hearing and lifestyle. Hearing aids are not a one time purchase, it requires at least annual follow up to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.