Dot2 Hearing Aid by Resound

Nov 19, 2010 by

An active lifestyle demands a hearing device that can keep pace. Dot2 by Resound provides high performance technology into the smallest behind-the-ear hearing instrument available to improve hearing in every situation.

Dot2 by Resound is the first instrument that provides all the benefits of a full-sized model in the smallest hearing aid available. Today, you can enjoy high performance and the best digital technology packed into one of the smallest hearing aids on the market. Different from others hearing aid devices, Dot2 by Resound does not sacrifice sound quality for cosmetics.  Its sound quality is powerful, thanks to its unique Surround Sound Processor, which offers clear sound quality even in the most difficult listening situations.


Dot2 by Resound has many excellent features designed to help you hear more clearly and naturally. 

  • Surround Sound – An innovative technology that helps the hearing aids mimics the ear and improves your hearing in noise.  It also helps you to know where sounds are coming from when you hear them. 
  • Dual Feedback Cancellation – two feedback cancellation systems that work together to provide a more whistle or background noise free listening experience
  • Multi Focus Adaptive Directional Microphones – An advanced directional microphone system with three different settings: 120 and 180 degrees to provide more precise hearing when you need it.  The narrower the setting, the less background noise interferes. 
  • Acceptance Manager – Your hearing professional can set the hearing aids so that they automatically increase in volume over time.  This is to give your brain time to get used to the amplified sound.
  • Wind Manager – When wind blows on the microphone, the hearing aids will reduce the sound after a few seconds.
  • Echo Control – It helps reduce the bothersome effects of echoes in rooms.
  • Automatic programming – This means it is at home in any environment, and requires no manual adjustments from you.  Dot2 adjusts to your preferences; you enjoy optimal hearing without having to do anything. This hearing aid really shines in difficult situations like restaurants or parties because of the unique personalized programming and sophisticated directional microphones.
  • Out of sight design – Its unique ergonomic design also makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. It hides behind the ear so nobody else sees it.

Dot2 by resound  gives you the opportunity to choose a combination of technology level, color and even an option to custom-mold to the ear’s shape, for a device that matches the wearer perfectly. It is available in 14 colors to fully express your individuality

For more information about our hearing aids, or to see if the Dot2 by ReSound may be right for you, Contact our hearing care professionals at one of our south Florida hearing care centers.