Have Hearing Aids and Not Happy?

Everyone has heard someone complain about their ability to hear with their hearing aids. Success with hearing aids goes beyond an exchange of money for an instrument. Many factors must be accounted for to make sure hearing aids are properly fit: Proper, thorough and current testing, appropriate instrument selection, counseling of realistic expectations, verification that the device is doing what it needs to be, and appropriate follow-up are the major factors in allowing the device live up to its potential. Unfortunately, we at HearFlorida are well-aware that dispensing professionals do not always follow suggested guidelines when fitting devices. This neglect leaves a large opportunity for failure.

In order to ensure YOUR hearing aids were fit appropriately, make an appointment with an Academy Certified professional and they will:

  • Review audiologic testing to ensure proper diagnosis. (If testing is not current within the past 6 months, new testing may be necessary).
  • Verify hearing aid settings with current testing methods to ensure device is set and performing to personal prescriptive needs.
  • Review lifestyle to ensure devices support your needs.
  • Review patient expectations to ensure patient expectations were set appropriately.
  • Work with you to obtain the best possible outcome with your present situation.

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