HearFlorida’s Tips For Understanding Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids

May 26, 2010 by

The more hearing loss you have, the less effective the hearing aids will be. Hearing aids cannot bring back hearing that is gone. In the past, physicians have told patients that if you have “nerve damage,” it cannot be helped with hearing aids. On the contrary, most people who are successfully wearing hearing aids have nerve damage or what we refer to as “sensorineural” hearing loss. 

Everyone does not get the same amount of benefit from hearing aids. It depends on your loss and particular situation. The more background noise that is present, the harder it will be to hear. Even normal hearing people hear less as the background noise increases. The better the hearing aid, the better you can expect to do.

In quiet situations, many hearing aid wearers can expect near normal hearing. Hearing aids should allow you to hear speech more clearly with less effort. Hearing aids should help to prevent others from noticing your hearing loss. Hearing aids should help to put you back in touch with your family and social activities.

It is important to remember all hearing losses are different and the benefits you received from your hearing aid may be different from others. A hearing aid is less conspicuous than your hearing loss.

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, the first step is to get professional evaluation from an audiologist. Getting realistic expectations from the evaluation can help you decide to move forward. Take that first step. Hearing aid technology has never been better.