HearFlorida: Awarded Hearing Center of the Week

Jan 21, 2011 by

The HearFlorida Audiology Group was recently recognized by HealthyHearing.com as Hearing Center of the Week. The HearFlorida Audiology Group is led by Dr. Adam Locker, Au.D. HearFlorida was chosen largely in part because of the dedication to Audiology and its highly educated hearing care doctors. Dr. Adam Locker, Au.D. graduated from the University of Florida, LSU Medical Center and Salus University where he earned his degree and expert training in Audiology.

Not only is Dr. Locker an extremely qualified audiologist, but he currently serves on the National Committee for Coding and Reimbursement with the American Academy of Audiology. HearFlorida is not just an ordinary Audiology group. We strive to help their patients on a more personal level, we believe in treating every patient like family. “Hearing loss treatment simply isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ situation” says healthyhearing.com. The HearFlorida Audiology Group firmly believes that philosophy, and they assure the best hearing care treatment to their patients. The group works with patients of all ages who suffer with hearing loss issues. The HearFlorida Audiology Group is extremely qualified to treat their patients. They are deserving of their spot on healthyhearing.com because of their achievements and qualifications. Click here to read the article and learn more about HearFlorida.