Hearing Aid Pricing

Sep 22, 2009 by

Q. I can’t seem to find the cost of any of your products on the website.  Why?

A. That’s a good question and a concern that we’ve heard from others before. We do not have prices listed on our site for many reasons, and price is certainly not one of them.  To start, there are hundreds of different hearing devices available.  Being able to update prices on the web would be nearly impossible when a manufacturer publishes a price increase or decrease.
Even though the names may sound the same, the technology provided inside the devices are very different.  Different hearing losses and different lifestyles require different technology to accommodate the individual.  Without consulting an appropriately trained professional one would not know which technology or device would be most appropriate.

Assuming you did have the correct recommendation of technology, price is affected by the service provided by the professional and the supporting office.  Hearing devices should never be looked at as a one time event.  Hearing must be monitored and settings must be adjusted to accommodate slight changes in hearing that happen naturally with having more birthdays.  Does the office include different warranties or repair or loss and damage replacement coverage?  Do they include batteries?  If so, for how long?
I know you can price hunt for devices online, and initially you will save a few hundred dollars, but like everyone else, proper care of the devices and your hearing always cost the patient hundreds to thousands of dollars more than if they had started with a trusted professional initially.
State of Florida law requires that all prices be published and available for patient/consumer review.  Our prices are printed in the office and there are no high discounts available to make inflated prices seem like a bargain.  The only discount offered is up to $400 off when a pair is purchased, called a binaural discount.

We offer all our patients a 3 year repair policy, 3 year loss & damage replacement coverage, 3 year supply of batteries and our Doctors of Audiology are the highest educated and highest trained and credentialed professionals available.  Our staff is trained to provide the absolute best and most personal experience to our patients.  Most of our patients are referred to us by physicians or present patients.

Bottom line is you have to purchase devices from a professional that you feel comfortable and confident with, that can provide the care you desire.  The best technology in the world can go unrealized without the appropriately trained and qualified professional.  Before you purchase devices, ask if they are a Doctor of Audiology.  If you can’t get a yes answer to both, evaluate where you make your decision for better hearing.
I hope this helped answer your question and if you have any needs that we may assist you with, please contact us as we will be happy in assisting you with your hearing needs.