Hearing Aid Technology: Water Resistant Hearing Aids

Mar 22, 2011 by

Hearing aids are extremely important to those who use them. They give the user the ability to stay connected to the world around them. When their hearing aids act up it can be annoying, embarrassing, and a hassle. One reason a hearing aid will experience problems is because of moisture. Failures in hearing aid performance are commonly from moisture related issues.

Water Resistant Hearing AidsResound, a hearing aid manufacture is proudly telling hearing aid users about its product called iSolate Nantotech protective coating. This thin protective layer protects the hearing aid from moisture by bonding with internal and external components of the hearing aid. Now when moisture comes in contact with the hearing aid, it simply will roll off instead of being absorbed, which was what led to issues previously.  This water resistant hearing aid was introduced about six months ago and has drastically reduced moisture related repairs by about 50 percent! Hearing aids have been greatly improved over the past few years.

The hearing aid industry is no stranger to high return rates and buyers who stop using their hearing aids shortly after purchase because of problems. With the improvements made that make hearing aids more comfortable, more durable, less likely to need repairs, and now much less likely to be damaged by moisture issues, users will be pleased with their product. While Resound is the first manufacture to do studies showing the benefits of the new materials by tracking repairs, there are other companies that offer water resistant hearing aids as well. Starkey Laboratories’ offers their protection system called Advanced HydraShield.  Phonak offers high-tech ceramic housings which are comfortable and more stylish.  They help prevent perspiration that happens in and behind the ear, while also being hypo-allergenic. Oticon has a new super-power Chili hearing aid, which is also sealed to be protected from moisture. Cochlear Ltd offers its Nucleus 5 cochlear implant, which includes water resistant batteries and can be submerged under water for up to 30 minutes.

Don’t let moisture issues keep you from being connected with the world around you. Look into a hearing aid that offers moisture protection today! Contact HearFlorida and find out more information about the water resistant hearing aids available.