Hearing Aids vs. Personal Sound Amplification Devices

Sep 29, 2010 by

Have you ever seen a television ad for a hearing device that costs only $19.95 plus shipping? Well, these devices are known as personal sound amplification devices. They are not hearing aids. When the price is so good, it is probably too good to be true.

Personal sound amplification devices amplify everything including noise. Where as, hearing aids are able to be programmed and adjusted for your unique hearing loss so that they can focus on the sounds that you are not able to hear.

In fact, some of these over-the-counter hearing devices can actually cause more hearing damage because they amplify sounds you do not need amplified. The result can mean an even greater hearing loss.

To be fit for a hearing aid, you must first take a hearing test to determine exactly what type of hearing loss you have. The results of the hearing test are used to help select the most appropriate hearing aid for your type of hearing loss.  To find out if you have a hearing loss and what type of hearing loss you have, schedule an appointment for a hearing test and consultation.

To schedule an appointment for a hearing test, contact us at one of our south Florida hearing care centers. Our hearing professionals can help you decide if a hearing aid is the right choice for you.