Hearing Loss Support Groups and Associations

Sep 9, 2010 by

Do you or a family member have a hearing loss? Do you know of any hearing loss support groups? Whether you are child, teen or an adult with hearing loss, or a parent raising a child with hearing loss, hearing loss support groups can offer many benefits.

Children often find only one other person in their school or neighborhood who is deaf or hard of hearing. The same goes for adults with hearing loss. Joining a hearing loss support group and attending meetings ensures that you have a community of peers who understand what you’re going through.

At certain hearing loss support group, you can get information on the latest hearing aid technology. Technology in the hearing industry advances quite rapidly. Support group members can share knowledge about hearing devices they’ve tried and recommend hearing professionals like audiologists, otolaryngologists, cochlear implant surgeons, speech pathologists, etc – which they’ve dealt with. Support groups often offer speakers, panels and programs on a wide range of hearing loss related topics. Ideally, support groups can provide an information base which can help you make important decisions about your hearing care.

Also, kids going through the teenage years can use a friend who really understands what it is like to have hearing loss. The same can be said of adults and parents. People need friends for support at various times in their lives.

Looking for a hearing loss support group in your area? Two top national organizations offer local chapters. Check out the state chapters available nationwide from the Hearing Loss Association of America. The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has chapters in 32 states. Online support groups can serve as friendship, support and networking sites for people who are unable to attend or unable to locate local programs.

Here are a few other hearing loss support groups:

  • Listen Up
  • CI Hear
  • Hands and Voices
  • National Association of the Deaf
  • Dangerous Decibels
  • EAR Foundation
  • H.E.A.R.
  • League for the Hard of Hearing