Hearing Loss Treatments: Oral Steriods vs. Injectible Steriods

May 27, 2011 by

Idiopathic sudden sensor neural hearing loss causes a patient to suffer from sudden and unknown hearing loss. Normally, in these cases patients will experience hearing loss within 72 hours from the onset of symptoms. This is considered to be a medical emergency, and someone who suffers from it should see their doctor immediately.  Often, people wait to see if their hearing will return, while sometimes it can, often it does not without treatment. The faster you seek medical attention the better your chances are of reversing or stopping the hearing loss problems.

One of the traditional hearing loss treatments for a patient diagnosed with Idiopathic sudden sensor neural hearing loss was oral steroids like the commonly known drug, Prednisone.  New research shows that there is a new therapeutic option for patients to treat idiopathic hearing loss. This new therapy is called intratympanic corticosteroid treatment. This treatment directly injects steroids into the middle ear. This treatment is comparable to oral treatments, but is an option for patients who cannot be exposed to systemic steroids for a period of time. Research has been on going to see if there can be greater benefits from using both oral and injectible methods together. As research continues, remedies will only continue to improve.

If you or someone you know suffer from sudden hearing loss, make sure to contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor will make sure to discuss all possible hearing loss treatment options with you. Before looking into injectible therapy, make sure to ask your doctor if this is an option that could be right for you.

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