Treatment for Tinnitis

The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatmentis convenient and non-invasive, making it easy to use during regular daily activities.

Tinnitus Treatment 
How it Works

A small, lightweight Oasis™ device with headphones delivers precisely designed music embedded with a pleasant acoustic neural stimulus. These sounds, customized for each user’s audiological profile, stimulate the auditory pathway to promote neural plastic changes. Over time, these new connections help the brain to filter out tinnitus disturbance, providing long-term relief from symptoms.

5 Simple Steps

The treatment occurs in 5 steps over approximately 6 months, with many reporting some relief immediately. Throughout the treatment process, education and support are provided by a Neuromonics-trained clinician.


Personal Assessment

A specially trained clinician will meet with you to evaluate your tinnitus and hearing. After assessing your audiological and tinnitus profile, the audiologist will then discuss which treatment options are most appropriate for you, and whether the Neuromonics treatment can help.


Fitting of Oasis™ Device

Based on your audiological and tinnitus profile, your Oasis™ device will be customized with your individual prescription.

Stage 1: Relieving the Symptoms

This phase helps relieve symptoms so that you can begin to experience control over your tinnitus while continuing treatment.

The Oasis™ device is worn for at least two hours per day (or longer, if preferred) during daily activities like reading, preparing meals or at the office.

This stage typically lasts about 2 months.

Stage 2: Breaking the Cycle

The goal of Stage 2 is to help the brain develop those neural connections that allow it to filter out tinnitus sounds. When this happens, relief continues even without regular use of the Oasis™ device.

In this stage, the device is used for at least 2 hours per day initially. Treatment times are then gradually reduced as tinnitus disturbance lessens.

This stage of treatment typically lasts about 4 months.


Many people do not feel the need to use the device after treatment. Those who do typically use it for short periods of time to help them maintain the benefits achieved. 

5 Steps

Step 1: Comprehensive Personalized Assessment

Before beginning treatment, a specially trained audiologist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your tinnitus and hearing to determine your audiological profile. Based on this evaluation, your audiologist will discuss the most appropriate treatment options with you and recommend whether or not Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment can help.

Step 2: Processor Configuration

Once your audiological profile is determined, your Neuromonics processor – called the Oasis™ device – will be customized with your individual prescription. The device is small and lightweight – approximately the same size and weight of a cell phone, and accompanied by high fidelity earphones. It delivers a pleasant acoustic neural stimulus (embedded in music) at a comfortable listening level. This sound stimulates a wide range of auditory pathways, as well as the emotional (limbic) system and the autonomic nervous system of the brain. This stimulation decreases your disturbance from tinnitus over the course of your treatment.

Step 3: Stage 1

The main goal of Stage 1 is to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms. This occurs as the device delivers an acoustic neural stimulus that provides a high level of interaction with your tinnitus perception. During this stage, you are required to listen to the treatment (through earphones) for at least 2 hours each day – although some people prefer to listen to it longer. Most daily activity like reading, preparing and eating meals or working in the office are all appropriate times when treatment can be administered. During this stage, you will begin to experience control over your tinnitus, instead of having the tinnitus controlling you. Support and education is provided throughout this stage by a Neuromonics-trained clinician. This stage lasts for approximately 2 months.

Step 4: Stage 2

Unlike Stage 1, the aim of Stage 2 is to begin to gain relief from your tinnitus outside of treatment times. The acoustic neural stimulus used in this stage of treatment is changed from the first stage of treatment. The aim of the new acoustic signal is to deliver an intermittent or lower level of interaction with your tinnitus perception. This allows desensitization to occur, which is proven to be efficient and effective at reducing the associated disturbance and impact on quality of life. As in the first stage, you are required to use the treatment for at least 2 hours a day. As this stage progresses and tinnitus awareness and disturbance typically diminishes, so does the daily treatment dose. This stage of treatment lasts for approximately 4 months.

Step 5: Maintenance Stage

After a successful program of treatment lasting approximately six months, a maintenance program is devised for you to manage and control tinnitus independently of clinician support. Many users find they may not feel the need to use the processor any more. If they do continue listening, it’s usually for less often and for less time each day to maintain the benefits achieved.



The Results are Obvious. The Treatment Isn’t.


The Oasis™ Device

Neuromonics Device

A Medically Prescribed Treatment Device

The Oasis™ device is a patented, precision medical instrument available only by prescription.

It is not: a masking device, a noise or sound generator, or a hearing aid. And it’s not an MP3 player—though that’s what it might look like to the casual observer.

That Won’t Interfere with Your Life

About the size and weight of a cell phone, the Oasis™ is compact and inconspicuous, making it easy to continue day-to-day activities during treatment.

And treatment itself is a pleasant experience. Each user’s individually customized acoustic stimulus is embedded in spectrally modified and precisely designed relaxing music, and delivered at a comfortable listening level.

High-fidelity earphones provide the acoustic clarity and fidelity required for the treatment across a wide frequency range. With their lightweight, unobtrusive design, users almost forget they’re wearing them.

Award-Winning Design

The Neuromonics Oasis™ device was awarded a DesignMark® and nominated for the Powerhouse Museum Award at the 2005 Australian Design Awards. The DesignMark award indicates that the Neuromonics Processor represents excellence in design as it helps to deliver treatment with a high degree of function, flexibility and portability.