I Think I Have a Hearing Loss

If you think you have a hearing loss you are not alone. Over 35 million people in the United States have hearing loss. If you suspect you have a hearing loss, but have delayed seeking help, that is not unusual. On average it takes people 5-7 years from the time they think they might have a loss to the time they seek treatment. This delay can cause irreversible damage in "clarity" to the hearing system.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you might have a hearing loss:

  • Do you often ask people to repeat what they say?
  • Do you have trouble hearing in groups?
  • Do you think that others mumble?
  • Do people complain that you turn up the TV too high?
  • Do people mention you may have a loss?
  • Have you stopped going to noisy parties or restaurants?

Ongoing research has shown that untreated hearing loss can cause considerable negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects and can potentially lead to withdrawal and isolation. However, further research has shown that treatment for hearing loss through the use of hearing instruments increases quality of life and improves relationships.

Call one of our HearFlorida Audiology practices to schedule an appointment for a Hearing Evaluation. Early diagnosis and treatment is recommended to prevent negative impact on your health and well being.

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