It’s Not About a Hearing Aid

Jul 5, 2009 by

At the Hear Florida Hearing and Balance Centers we stress the importance of having your hearing loss comprehensively tested prior to the decision of pursuing hearing aids. Your ears are often the most over looked and under-addressed areas of your body where the most sensitive information of what is going on in your body can be observed and earliest detected. Your ears and hearing are affected by MANY small and subtle changes in your body and can lead to early detection far before it is measured or observed elsewhere in your body. For example, changes in your Thyroid, Adrenal System, toxicity of many medications, affects of chemotherapy, elevated cholesterol and very early warning signs of demyelinating diseases including Muscular Dystrophy can be detected in comprehensive audiological testing and extensive medical history. This testing can only be completed by a qualified and specially trained audiologist and testing is covered and reimbursed by most private insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Check with your physician regarding and concerns with your hearing and ask to be referred to an audiologist for testing.

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