More about the ReSound Alera Hearing Aid

Nov 10, 2010 by

Without a doubt, hearing aids are some of the most useful products ever launched; these tiny, in-ear devices helping users with various disabilities enjoy a near-normal life. Moreover, the evolution of modern technology has made these objects smaller, more unobtrusive and more portable than ever before. This is the case with Alera, a new system from Resound, which also offers one of the most valuable and important features: no wires.

Alera has been touted by ReSound as the world’s first-ever truly wireless hearing aid with no strings attached. It has been recognized as the new approach to the way a hearing aid receives sound from devices such as TVs, stereos, cell phones and computers. In other words, Alera allows the users to receive sound directly from the device without cables, or wires by using its ReSound Unite accessories. This feature basically opens up a whole new range of applications.

With the Alera Unite TV streamer broadcasting directly from your television set into your hearing aids — without requiring a second device worn on the body to relay the signal into your hearing aids. Also, the ReSound Unite Phone Clip is a small device with a microphone that syncs with your mobile phone and transmits the caller’s voice directly into your hearing aids. Additionally, the ReSound Unite Remote Control hand-held unit gives users push-button control of their hearing aids to manage volume controls and program settings.

The ReSound Alera hearing aids also integrate other advanced features, including:

  • ReSound Surround Sound, a sound-shaping system that optimizes amplification for understanding speech, reduces amplification of unwanted noise with personalization options in seven different environments, and suppresses feedback.
  • iSolate™ nanotech coating, which covers all elements of the hearing aids with a thin protective layer that bonds at a molecular level with the internal and external components, so that liquids or moisture coming into contact with any element of the hearing aids will simply roll off without being absorbed.
  • And for audiologists, the ReSound Airlink wireless fitting technology, a simple plug-in to a personal computer’s USB port that communicates wirelessly with the client’s hearing aids, enables adjustments to the hearing aid programs without being tethered wires.
  • Warp sound processing: Sound processing that delivers sound that’s closer to natural hearing
  • Surround Sound processor: Treats low and high frequencies to recreate the unaided ear’s natural directivity patterns.
  • DFS Ultra: Groundbreaking new feedback suppression system that removes feedback excellently even during phone calls and when listening to music.
  • NoiseTracker II: Reduces amplification of unwanted noise with personalization options in seven different environments.
  • An exceptionally rich sound quality
  • The ability to understand speech better, even when there is noise in the background
  • Ability to keep a sense of what’s going on around you
  • The ability to locate where sounds are coming from
  • No whistling or buzzing on the phone or when you hug someone
  • Music that sounds as clear and pure as it’s supposed to

Alera by Resound ensures that its careful design will assist the users in different everyday situations to make their life easier. This innovative hearing aid provides strong connections to….

  • People and surroundings: The rich surround sound experience in Resound Alera allows patients to enjoy conversations and at the same time stay aware of what’s going on around them.
  • Individual needs and preferences: Every detail of Resound Alera has been meticulously thought out to help people to stay connected without having to think twice about it.
  • A professional experience: Hearing care professionals can adjust the hearing aid without the use of any cable, so patients can remain comfortable and concentrate on their new hearing experience.

For more information on hearing aids, visit or contact the hearing care professionals at one of the Hear Florida south Florida hearing care centers, and they will be able to provide more information about the Resound Alera hearing aid.