New Hearing Care Campaign: Listen To Your Buds

Jul 13, 2011 by

It is no secret that teenagers love to turn their music up as loud as possible. Most of the time, parents are around to tell them to turn the tunes down, but that is not always the case. Parents cannot be around all of the time to protect their children’s hearing. The biggest problem is that kids are listening to their personal audio technology like Pods or MP3 players with earbuds or headphones for long periods of time and the volume is dangerously high.

To prevent kids from seriously damaging their ears, it is important to educate them on how to safely listen to music. A new campaign called Listen To Your Buds is doing just that! The campaign teaches parents how to teach their children about safely listening to music with their earbuds. The younger the children are taught about safe listening, the better. Hopefully, then they will develop good listening habits and the message will filter over to older siblings. The campaign asks parents to pledge to keep their children’s hearing safe by Always protecting their child’s hearing from loud noise, teaching their child not to listen to music too loud or for too long and to share the message about safe listening and the importance of hearing health with my family and friends

HearFlorida would like to ask all of the parents to take the pledge to save their children’s hearing. Join the fight to keep children’s hearing safe from noise induced hearing loss. For more information on Listen to your Buds you can visit