New ReSound Hearing Aids with New Hearing Aid Technology

Feb 28, 2011 by

ReSound has added a couple of new models to the Alera hearing aid family. One of the new hearing aid models features an innovative remote microphone technology. ReSound also has a new hearing aid model with an upgradeable behind-the-ear a.k.a. BTE hearing aid.

The extensions will enable Alera hearing aids to serve up to 90 percent of patients with hearing loss ranging from mild to profound. In addition to advanced sound processing, ReSound’s new flagship Alera hearing aids feature extensive wireless connectivity for external devices such as the television, MP3 players and Bluetooth phones.

Rather than integrating the microphone into the processing unit, the Remote Microphone Technology puts the microphone at the end of a thin wire attached to a completely-in-the-canal a.k.a. CIC processor and speaker. With the Remote Microphone Technology configuration, ReSound delivers less feedback, better location of sound, and near-invisible cosmetics. The result is a more “natural sound” and better directional location of sounds.

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