New Starkey Hearing Aid: The Xino Hearing Aid

Jan 15, 2014 by

Starkey is one of the leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers and is highly regarded in the hearing community. They are extremely well known for their high quality hearing aids and also their custom headphones. Starkey is proud to announce that they have just released a new line of hearing aids, called the X Series! The star hearing aid in the X series is called the Xino hearing aid.

Xino Hearing Aid by StarkeyThe Xino hearing had has so much to offer, while all concealed away in one little package.  If you were put off about hearing aids by their reputation of being bulky and unsightly, it is time to get to know your options. With Xino, you do not need to be worried about your hearing aid being unsightly. Starkey has made sure that Xino is small, yet still extraordinary. Xino has award winning design language, which has received many industry honors. Xino has voice iQ2, which was developed to make listening to your conversation while in a noisy atmosphere easy to do! Starkey also made sure that Xino had a mini RIC with a longer lasting battery. Not only did Starkey take into consideration the style of Xino, but also its comfort.  Of course, these are just a few exciting previews of what Starkey has put into this great hearing aid.

HearFlorida is one of the leading hearing aid providers in Broward County, Florida and we are proud to offer Starkey Hearing Aid Products. For more information on our Hearing Aid Services and the Xino hearing aid, please contact us today!