New Study Reports: Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia

Jan 2, 2014 by

Many things can affect a person in their older age, many times hearing loss is one of them, but did you know there may be another risk that accompanies hearing loss? Recently it has been discovered that hearing loss and dementia are possibly closely related. A study conducted Johns Hopkins and National Institute on Aging researchers points to hearing loss being a large determining factor in dementia patients. The HearFlorida audiologists in South Florida want to make sure you stay educated on these new findings.

It is still unknown how exactly hearing loss and dementia are related because otologists and geriatricians had not worked closely together before. There unfortunately hasn’t been a lot of research conducted on how hearing loss can possibly effect cognitive brain function. One theory on how these two are connected through social isolation, hearing loss often leaves its victims feeling alone and vulnerable, this is a known risk factor in dementia and other cognitive disorders. A study conducted between 1990 and 1994 which focused on 639 people, tested them on their hearing and cognitive abilities, was recently released. The people tested were followed and tested every one to two years until 2005, while some had minor hearing loss at the start of the study, none had dementia. In 2005 the study revealed that 58 of them had developed dementia. Those who had suffered from hearing loss in the beginning of the test were among the ones who had the highest risk of dementia.

Currently, researchers say that something as simple as wearing a hearing aid could help prevent dementia. Many options are available to treat hearing loss and not all hearing aids are big, bulky, and obvious. Audiologists in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade County at HearFlorida suggest getting regular hearing tests and if need be, wearing a hearing aid. HearFlorida provides one of the largest selections of hearing aids in South Florida. Contact us today for more information on how to protect your health and hearing!