Oticon ConnectLine Microphone

Mar 16, 2011 by

Oticon is a name commonly known among hearing professionals. They are one of the oldest hearing aid manufactures in the world. They have offered ConnectLine communication devices for users for quite some time now. The ConnectLine communication devices have made listening to MP3 players, TV’s, and Bluetooth devices much easier with hearing aids. They recently released a new addition to the ConnectLine devices, called the ConnectLine Microphone.
oticon connectline microphone

The ConnectLine Microphone is a personal hearing aid device that will make it easier for you to hear more clearly in demanding listening situations such as crowded or noisy environments. For example, while on a dinner date, you will now be able to hear your significant other with ease.  The ConnectLine Microphone is wireless and clips onto your partners shirt. It picks up only your partners voice while blocking distracting background noise. The microphone transmits to a ConnectLine Streamer. The Streamer can be worn around the user’s neck. The Streamer then transmits the audio directly to the Oticon Agile hearing aid user. It can also be adjusted to transmit at other frequencies of most commonly used hearing aids.

How ConnectLine Microphone works
The discreet microphone is worn by your conversation partner and connects wirelessly to the Streamer, allowing you to hear the other person’s voice clear and loud directly through your hearing instruments.

ConnectLine Microphone picks up your partner’s voice, filters out surrounding noise and transmits wirelessly, directly to the Streamer at a distance of up to 15 meters.

A ConnectLine Microphone is not based on new hearing aid technology, but Oticon took the technology and put the people first. Older technology is much more bulky while the ConnectLine Microphone is small, light weight, and not as noticeable. The ConnectLine Microphone will help speech in noise surroundings.

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