Recycling Old Hearing Aids

Mar 30, 2011 by

Do you have an old hearing aid that you do not use anymore? If so, do not just let it go to waste sitting in a box in your home and definitely do not throw it away.  If you have recently gotten a new cochlear implant or upgraded your old analog hearing aid to a digital one, and so on we are talking to you!

Did you know that you can recycle hearing aids? A recycled hearing aid can be donated to someone with a hearing problem who cannot afford a hearing aid on their own. You can help change someone’s life, just by donating an unwanted or an unused hearing aid. You can help an adult gain better hearing and also gain confidence. With their new hearing aid, they will have the ability to expand their job opportunities! Not only does donating a hearing aid help an adult but they also will help children. A child with a hearing impairment often struggles throughout school. They may have low self esteem because of their impairment which impedes the learning process. With your help, a child who may very well have struggled earlier will be able to succeed!

Hear Now is a group that accepts hearing aid donations. They are a national nonprofit organization that is committed to helping US resident’s gain better hearing. They will take recycled hearing aids; fix them up and help make them affordable to those hearing impaired who could not afford one on their own. Remember, you can give the gift of hearing to someone. If you are interested in donating a hearing aid, you can send it to the address below.

Recycling Old Hearing AidsHear Now
6700 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344