Research Shows Saliva Tests Can Spot a Virus That Can Cause Hearing Loss In Newborns

Jun 20, 2011 by

This is not the first time we discussed the importance of early detection of hearing loss in infants. A new study that was done by the University of Alabama at Birmingham has shown how a saliva test might be able to detect a particular virus which can lead to hearing loss in newborns.

The virus called cytomegalovirus, once found can be treated to help prevent hearing loss problems in children.  This type of infection is passed from mother to child, and affects thousands of newborns each year.

The study examined mouth swabs from almost 35,000 infants from seven different U.S. hospitals. The virus was found in 97 percent to 100 percent of cases.

This new research can possibly help hearing care professionals make an early diagnosis of a virus that might cause hearing loss problems. By catching it early, we can lessen the chance of children having problems with their speech and language abilities and prevent further hearing damage.

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