Ringing In The Ears – Tinnitus and Its Symptoms

Sep 4, 2009 by

Tinnitus is a very mysterious syndrome that has been explained in many different ways. From the Latin word “tinnitus” which means “ringing”, tinnitus is frequently reported as a ringing in the ears, but it can have many other auditory presentations. These include:

  • whooshing sound
  • ticking
  • clanking
  • beeping
  • ocean waves

While everyone can experience the symptoms of tinnitus from time to time, patients who exhibit more frequent symptoms generally have hearing loss. The latest theory on what causes tinnitus is that it is caused by neurons produced by the brain to compensate for hearing loss. If tinnitus is ongoing, it can cause fatigue and even musical hallucinations.

Infrequent tinnitus in individuals with no hearing loss is generally caused by benign items such as buildup of wax in the ear, allergies, or damage from extremely loud noises. It may even just be a case of abnormal blood flow caused by poor circulation. So when can you tell if tinnitus is a problem or not? If you are concerned, begin recording the date and time of tinnitus occurrences in a diary or journal. If they add up to more than once a week in a particular month, go see a hearing loss professional. If you are concerned, visit one anyway just for peace of mind. If you have other symptoms of hearing loss in connection with tinnitus, visit a hearing loss professional right away.

Treatment for infrequent tinnitus can come in medical or naturopathic forms. Some professionals prescribe avoidance of substances such as caffeine and salt in order to improve circulation, and therefore blood flow to the area around the ear. The herb gingko biloba is also known for achieving the same goal. Doctors may prescribe various medications to deal with tinnitus if they feel that it is warranted to do so.

The most important thing to note about tinnitus is that it may be a sign of early hearing loss, and the faster that you can get in to see a professional to determine whether or not this is the case, the more protected your hearing will be.