Schools for the Deaf in the United States

Jan 28, 2011 by

Through The Americans with Disabilities Act most people know that a child with any disability must be provided with the necessary means to them to able to learn at their full potential. This also includes the deaf and hearing impaired. This includes but is not limited to having someone who can sign for them or requiring the teacher to use some form of FM system compatible with hearing aids.  Schools for the deaf and hard of hearing children are located all throughout the United States. Yet, not everyone is aware of these schools that are specifically for hearing impaired children.

These schools are not new and have been around in one form or another since the 19th century. Unfortunately, sometimes schools districts will not make parents and children aware of this option for them.  It can take some research to find a school in your area, but once you do, you will be pleased. Schools for the deaf can meet the student’s exact needs by providing them with an environment that supports their learning.   At a school for the deaf, a child can communicate directly with their teachers, elders, and peers, which is extremely important in acquiring language. They do not have to worry about using a translator or struggling to communicate with anyone, which can sometimes be the case in public schools.  With no limitations a student would be able to flourish in their academics, social life, activities, and so on. Schools for the deaf are located statewide. For a complete list of schools for the deaf and hearing impaired, click here.

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