Senior Citizens and Hearing Loss

Jul 13, 2010 by

Many senior citizens suffer from hearing loss. If left untreated, hearing loss can get worse over time. It is important that senior citizens with difficulty hearing consult their doctor or a hearing professional. Friends or caregivers who notice a senior citizen is experiencing trouble hearing should persuade the senior to seek medical attention from a hearing doctor. Knowing the symptoms and taking appropriate treatment measures can help stop and, in some cases, even reverse hearing degradation.

Hearing is very important for daily functioning so problems with hearing are quite serious and should be addressed as soon as possible. Senior citizens who experience hearing loss problems may feel isolated or embarrassed as a result. Still, if you find that you have trouble hearing, talk to your doctor about the many hearing loss treatments available.

Senior citizens who have hearing loss often show the following symptoms:

  • Having trouble hearing on the phone
  • Difficulty with following conversations, especially when multiple people are talking
  • Needing to have volume levels of electronics so high that others notice and complain
  • Difficulty hearing things over background noise
  • Sensing that people always seem to mumble
  • Cannot understand when women or children speak to you

After this doctor performs the proper diagnostic tests, they may refer you to an audiologist who is trained to measure hearing function. Audiologists can test your hearing for certain pitches and loudness levels in order to find if a hearing aid is needed. These tests are painless.

Hearing loss is caused by degeneration of nerves with age, one of the reasons it is prevalent among senior citizens. Other common contributions to hearing loss are earwax build-up, exposure to very loud noises over long periods of time, viral and bacterial infections, heart conditions, head injuries, tumors, medications, and heredity.

If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss problems, contact a South Florida audiologist at Hear Florida to get the best hearing loss treatments available.