Sexy Sounds: Personal Communication Aids Are Hot

Aug 10, 2009 by

Hearing aids? Sexy? When compared with the lumbering devices of yesteryear, today’s hearing aids are positively hot by comparison. Better yet, you can leave them on when doing anything at all, even when sleeping in some cases. That would have been unthinkable just a decade ago. The hearing aid is being rebranded as the personal communication aid (PCA) rather than hearing aid, in order to shed the image of your grandfather’s hearing aid.

These aren’t just hearing aids. They are high tech accessories that look and feel like iPods, as in the case of the Dual from Oticon. You’ll just look like you are wearing a nicely designed headphone or Bluetooth phone accessory. Looks aren’t everything though – the PCA delivers an audio punch that is overengineered to bring you the best sound quality available. Even if you don’t have any hearing issues, the PCA allows you to pick up on threads of conversations that you otherwise would not have heard due to background noise, making it an invaluable accessory at conferences and seminars.

Lyric is an invisible hearing aid that you can’t even see due to its placement inside the ear. Despite what you may initially think, it is comfortable and the improvement in your hearing will be phenomenal. It is the only extended wear invisible device on the market today.

Exercising, showering and talking on the phone are all possible with no interference from your personal communication aid with the invisible Lyric. Hear Florida carries PCA’s from all manufacturers, including Lyric, Unitron, Phonak, and Oticon. We’re sure that we can help you find the PCA that is sexy to you! We are running a special promotion right now on the Lyric, so come in and feel just how comfortable it can be.