Should You Be Hearing Better On The Telephone?

Dec 18, 2009 by

Many hearing instruments have a built-in telephone coil (T-coil), which can improve telephone communication. Unfortunately, due to space limitations in smaller canal aids or poor dexterity reported by the patient, t-coils cannot be ordered for everybody. In many cases, telephone amplifiers designed for the hearing-impaired provide sufficient amplification to carry on a normal conversation with family or friends. Some patients with severe losses may not even hear the telephone, and may require Captioned Telephones and assistive “alerting devices” to let you know when the phone is ringing or whether there is someone at your door. Many states, including Florida, loan amplified telephones for their hearing impaired residents. Applications may be obtained from your Doctor of Audiology.

For most, just wearing a hearing aid is only part of the listening solution. Special assistive listening devices such as an FM system or Bluetooth technology will improve your ability to communicate above and beyond the limitations of your hearing aid(s).