Sudden Hearing Loss

Jul 20, 2010 by

Sudden hearing loss occurs so quickly. It can literally happen overnight. Sudden hearing loss can involve any part of the hearing system. Even something as straight forward as earwax can cause sudden hearing loss. However, the term usually refers to a sudden “nerve” or sensor neural hearing loss. Hearing loss is almost always in one ear and may be accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus (ear noises), and/or aural fullness/pressure.

Suspected causes of sudden sensor neural hearing loss include a viral infection, autotoxin medications, acoustic trauma or meningitis. In most cases, the specific cause is never found. In cases with no known cause, viral infections or vascular blockage is suspected. There may be a history of a recent flu or cold, but in most cases, there are no other complaints. Partial or complete recovery occurs in about 60-65 percent of the cases. Recovery can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Those who seek immediate medical attention within 48 hours have a higher recovery rate than those who wait longer. The recovery rate is also higher for those with milder hearing loss. Patients with a severe and/or profound hearing loss with accompanying symptoms such as dizziness and/or tinnitus are less likely to recover their hearing. Someone who experiences sudden hearing loss should seek medical attention immediately to receive the proper hearing loss treatment. The medical evaluation usually involves a thorough history, otologic and audio-logic examination.

Remember, a sudden loss of hearing is not normal. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact your primary care physician or ear, nose and throat physician for immediate medical treatment. At Hear Florida, we have qualified hearing doctors that can help you with your hearing loss problems. Contact us today to get a  hearing examination in south Florida.