The Benefits of Custom In-Ear Headphones

Nov 23, 2010 by

As more and more people own iPods, mp3’s, and other personal listening devices and use those players in noisy environments, Custom In-Ear Headphones have become increasingly popular. However, it is fair to say that most people are not familiar with in-ear headphones, which differ considerably from traditional headphones in terms of fit, sound quality, and use.

If you are serious about your listening, and you want to avoid the dangers of hearing loss, and enhance your listening experience you should be aware of what exactly custom in earphones means. Think about the last time you saw a performer live or on TV. Today, the majority of musicians have what looks like bad hearing aids in both ears. Those aren’t hearing aids and they are most definitely not bad. They are earphones that are custom molded to their ears. Custom earpieces replace the stock rubber or foam ear tips with versions that fit individual’s ears perfectly. Ears are like fingerprints. No two are alike. Custom earphones will fit you perfectly, and no one else.

The process to create your custom-fit earphones begins with an open mouth impression made of your inner ear by an audiologist who fills each of your ears with quick-setting foam; after ten minutes or so, the audiologist removes the now-rigid foam mold from each ear. The impression is then used to create a custom-fitted ear piece that provides a perfect fit for you.

  • The main advantage of custom earphones is Perfect Fit, and therefore better isolation. With customs, as you insert the earphones, they will literally “snap” into place. It can feel really weird at first. But they will stay in place. No more adjusting or fiddling to get a good seal. And know this, no seal means no bass. Then, there is the almost total isolation from your surroundings. You can be riding the noisiest subway and still be lost in your own world. The fit is that good.

Additional benefits of the custom in-ear headphones are:

  • Reduced risk of hearing damage (with proper use)
  • Improved and consistent sound quality
  • Reduced vocal fatigue (not screaming over loud floor wedges)
  • Virtual elimination of acoustic feedback
  • Comfort

For some people the price of custom earphones is a disadvantage. They are not for the faint of heart. Custom in-ear monitors can go well over $1000. Nevertheless, there is good news for those who are interested in going custom, but will not (or cannot) spend close to that amount. Hear Florida offers affordable custom-fit in-ear headphones that give you all the benefits a lower cost.

Custom earpieces are available in soft or hard versions; can be ordered in a variety of styles and colors, either to blend in with your ears or to make an artistic statement. Some people prefer clear in-ear headphones, which allows a nice view of the headphones’ innards and doesn’t draw too much attention.
It may take some practice to insert the earphones, but they will literally snap into place if done correctly. Once in, they stay in.

To schedule an appointment to get your Custom Fit Earphones, contact HearFlorida Audiology Group to find a convenient location near you.