The Starkey Foundation on the Style Network

Dec 15, 2013 by

The Starkey Hearing Foundation has been tackling hearing loss around the world since 1984 thanks to founder, William F. Austin. This non-profit organization has impacted the lives of many people, helping many hear things for the first time.  The hearing mission trips Starkey goes on are fully funded by donations. As they travel from country to country, the foundation and volunteers take the time to provide Starkey hearing aids to both children and adults suffering from hearing loss.

Starkey Hearing Foundation recently was aired on the August 15th episode of Giuliana&Bill on the STYLE Network. Bill sat down to speak with executive director Steven Sawalich about the hearing mission that was happening in Haiti. Starkey Hearing Foundation will be aired on the show on August 22nd when Bill Rancic will be traveling to Haiti to help. Bill and others who were on the Haiti mission, fitted hundreds of children with Starkey hearing aids. Children and adults got the chance to finally hear someone say “I love you” to them, some for the first time.

Starkey Hearing Foundation believes that: “Alone we can’t do much. But, together we can change the world.”  The program relies on the education of people all around the world about how to protect their hearing or get help for their hearing loss.

If you missed the last episode of Giuliana&Bill that featured the Starkey Hearing Foundation, don’t miss your chance to catch up on the new episode airing on the STYLE Network Monday, August 22nd!