Tips For Hearing In Noisy Situations

Jan 4, 2010 by

Those without hearing loss can have problems hearing at parties, particularly if there is background noise.  Having hearing loss makes it even harder to understand speech when other noises are present.  Here are some strategies to maximize your ability to communicate with others. 

1. In restaurants, choose a table off to one side or in the corner of the restaurant. It is more difficult to hear in the middle of a restaurant.

2. In meetings or lectures – Normally it is best to sit in front of (but not too close to) the speaker. Some lecture halls have assisted listening devices you can borrow.

3. Face the speaker. Move closer to the person you want to hear and watch his/her lips.

4. Listen to one person. Don’t try to listen to the whole group and pick out multiple conversations simultaneously. It just won’t work.

5. Help from the speaker – It is important to speak slowly and clearly. When asked to repeat, say it again more clearly or rephrase what you have already said.

6. Regular check-ups – Have your hearing aid cleaned and checked every six months. An adjustment may improve your ability to understand in groups.