Velocity Hearing Aid by Sonic

Nov 30, 2010 by

Hearing is one of the most complex and unique sensory perceptions. Sometimes problems related to this sense can affect profoundly people’s quality life. Fortunately, there are many alternatives that can help you if you are experience hearing problems at any level. Velocity by Sonic is one of the most sophisticated hearing aids that can be custom made to fit your ear canal and custom programmed to fit your individual hearing loss. This hearing aid can dramatically increase sounds and their sources, and also keep your brain actively processing sound, which can slow hearing loss progression.

Velocity by Sonic offers you a natural hearing experience. This means that the sound you hear does not sound processed, like its coming through a radio or telephone. Once your custom hearing aid settings are right you should expect a natural sound and settle for nothing less. Velocity by Sonic is jam packed with convenience-driven features that not only improve sound quality, but allow you to truly forget fussing with adjustments during different situations of your everyday life. With this level of automation and user-friendly features, you surely will be hearing in overdrive.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that Velocity by Sonic has for you.

1. Velocity by Sonic offers several adaptive directional systems and noise reduction settings to assist in background noise situations. For example:
• Attending parties or social functions
• Shopping at grocery stores or malls
• Participating in outdoor activities
• Small group dinners with family or friends

The Hands-Free Universal feature automatically selects which directional microphone settings to use to give you the best hearing in difficult listening environments.

2. Provides advanced automatic operation

3. Delivers a more natural listening and communication experience. Speech enhancement technology emphasizes speech like sounds, improving ease of listening and speech understanding. Sonic Velocity is designed to preserve the natural sound quality provided by the human ear through a unique, patented approach to digital sound processing.

4. Sonic Sound provides independent noise processing in up to 24 compression channels. This technology reads the environment for noise level and speech sources and automatically adjusts the highs and lows (pitch) to produce the most natural listening experience based on the inputs.

5. Velocity by Sonic uses an Adaptive Feedback Canceller and Situational Feedback Control to reduce whistle and squeal.
6. Auto Telephone takes the effort out of switching to a telephone program.
7. Data Logging records how you use Velocity, and also records your sound environments to allow for better customizing of the hearing aids to your needs. With this feature you maximize the usage of your hearing aid at highest quality.

8. Voice Alerts. Velocity by Sonic provides voice alerts; this hearing aid can let you know when the battery is getting low. Also, it can remind you to call your hearing health care professional for a tune-up.
The Velocity hearing aid by Sonic is designed to fit your lifestyle, and offers unique features adapted to your specific needs. Velocity also provides the fitting flexibility that your hearing care professional needs to help you achieve your specific hearing goals.

Contact a hearing care professional at one of the Hear Florida hearing care centers today to see if Velocity by Sonic may be right for you!