What Teachers Should Do With Hearing-Impaired Children

Sep 17, 2009 by

Not every parent can afford to send their child to a special school, especially in today’s economic climate. While most public school teachers have received some training as to what they need to do with a hearing impaired child, here are some tips to help them get through. If you are a parent of a hearing impaired child, you may want to print these off and bring them to your next parent-teacher interview.

1. Sit Them 5-10 feet Away

While a hearing impaired child will usually choose a desk closer to the front on their own, make sure in classroom outings, assemblies and other out-of-class arrangements that the child is close enough to speech read the speaker.

2. Don’t Make it a Big Deal
Singling out the hearing impaired child will not help them in the schoolyard. A few quick words at the beginning of the year about how the child is hearing impaired and may need to look at other children to understand them is all that needs to be said. If children request further information, have pamphlets on hand addressing hearing loss in children; these are usually available from various organizations for the hearing impaired.
3. Have a Bit of Patience

Let them know that if they don’t understand something, to just let you know so that you can repeat it, and don’t get upset when they do ask you to repeat it. You may also want to schedule more intense lessons for the morning and early afternoon, as many hearing impaired children can get tired more easily than other children with the double duty that they need to do in order to understand something properly.

4. Hearing Aid Management

A teacher should be provided with a battery tester, spare batteries, pipe cleaners and and air dryer for cleaning earmolds, and a listening stethoscope if available. If your child is older, encourage them to clean their own hearing aids at school, as this job can get a bit nasty for someone not used to it. The less you ask the teacher to do, the better; just make sure they are armed with everything they need if an incident should arise.