Which Hearing Aid Do You Need For Your Lifestyle?

Sep 10, 2009 by

We can all agree that one of the most annoying things about hearing aids is having to constantly turn them up and down. With our HearFlorida product line, you can virtually eliminate that hassle right up front by simply purchasing the right hearing aid for your lifestyle. Each HearFlorida product comes pre-tuned for a certain noise level, ensuring your maximum comfort. It’s almost like having a hearing aid that is custom designed for your ear, without the expense that such a process would entail. There is no “normal” level of activity that means that one size fits all, so HearFlorida has created four separate products that take varying noise exposure into consideration.

Very Quiet Lifestyle –
Rare Background Noise

If you rarely encounter background noise in your everyday life, this is the hearing aid for you. Occasional church services, infrequent visitors and limited television use would be covered by the Very Quiet Lifestyle. Affordability is also a key factor in this line; the less technology you need, the less expensive the hearing aids are. This one is priced at entry-level rates.

Quiet Lifestyle
Limited Background Noise

This hearing aid allows you to function at a slightly higher level, allowing for weekly church services and more frequent visitors. Shopping trips with limited background noise would also be easier with a Quiet Lifestyle device than a Very Quiet Lifestyle device.

Casual Lifestyle
Occasional Background Noise

Driving, occasional restaurant visits and weekly small meetings are all activities that the Casual Lifestyle device covers, on top of the ones already listed for the Very Quiet and Quiet devices. If you watch television very frequently this is also the product of choice.

Active Lifestyle
Frequent Background Noise

If you aren’t yet retired and work part or full-time outside of the home, this is the best choice for you. This is the highest level of technology that HearFlorida has to offer, and with it you’ll be able to make out threads of multiple conversations, eliminate background noise and generally enjoy all of your daily activities.

Whichever one you choose, you know it will be backed with Hear Florida’s top customer service if you ever have any questions about your new HearFlorida hearing device.



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