Why Does Your Hearing Aid Only Last About 4.5 Years?

Apr 19, 2010 by

You should be wearing your hearing aid(s) at least eight hours per day or 2,800 hours per year. Even if you clean your hearing aid every day with a soft toothbrush and visit your hearing healthcare professional twice a year for specialized cleanings, your hearing aid will eventually break down. Repair costs could be as high as $350. A hearing aid may stop working because of (1) wax and debris in the receiver, (2) damaged microphone or amplifier, (3) worn out battery contacts, (4) dead battery, (5) moisture, or (6) abuse. The daily wear and tear will erode the hearing aid components and they may need replacement. After four or five years of daily hearing aid use (10,000 hours), it may be time replace your hearing instrument with a more advanced system.  

HearFlorida recommends that you consider replacing your hearing instrument if it is greater than four years old, particularly if you have put money into repairing it. Just like an older car that needs repair, it is never quite the same once the mechanic says, “It is fixed.”   With the speed of the introduction of new technology, at this time you will be two generations behind in the latest advancements.  Most people notice tremendous improvements in hearing ability with advancements in technology.